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Slamdunk Locker Room

Where the court is silent and all players share the showers

A SlamDunk Community :: It's All About the Game
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Welcome to The Locker Room, your resident general Slam Dunk community! This community is exclusively for the Slam Dunk fanatics only.

There are a few unstrict "rules" which may be followed:

  • You can put up fanfictions, fanarts, photo manips, wallpapers, icons or anything that's related to SD, provided you also place the necessary details, like the author/artist name, rating, pairing, genre, summary, etc. You can either place a link or lj-cut it if it's too long or too large.

  • If you're going to recommend another's work/s, the same rule follows.

  • Any pairing is welcome to be discussed here. However, no flaming is allowed. Just rational criticsm. :)

  • Pimping of your SD fansites and fanlistings is okay.

  • Talk about the latest SD news, rumors and just about anything that's related to our favorite anime and Takehiko Inoue.

  • No spam.

  • You may see the posted icons, banners, fanarts, fanfictions and members' introductions in the Memories archive of our community.

  • You may also fill out the introduction form anytime (but only once of course) and add other questions if you want.

  • Have fun!

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