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fic, Akira Sendoh / Shinichi Maki

A Step-By-Step Guide on Growing the Hell Up

Simulated Shohoku v. Sannoh game

My latest SD reread/binge has led me to this:


Is it bad that my first thought was, "Oh my God, Mitsui is so hot," and not "Oh my God, I always wanted to see this played out!"

Long overdue

Coming out of the woodwork to announce that I finally have done what was needed to be done:

A Tumblr featuring Mitsui Hisashi: FUCK YEAH!


(When Geocities went down, a lot of old Slam Dunk fandom history went down with it. Lots of fanart and fanfic went by the wayside, and lots of pictures were lost. Hopefully I can help recover some of it through Tumblr.)
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[fic] School Days : After Class

School Days: After Class

Fandom: Slamdunk
Author: Star
Pairing: Sendoh X Rukawa
Rating: T
Status: One shot, complete
Synopsis:  Is it just me or is it hot in here? Like… really, really hot?  This is written for Kaede's birthday – 1st Jan 2011! It's kind of a continuation of School Days: Registration but actually it's a lot different. Less dark anyway. So – enjoy!
Warnings: Kaede is so OOC it makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil.

Read it at ff.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6611506/1/School_Days_After_Class

And you can read the prequel there too: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5801081/1/School_Days_Registration

Or continue to read it below the cut:

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12 icons, 1 wallpaper

Slam Dunk. 12  (+ 1 wallpaper )
Free Punch. 15
Bleach. 04
Fairy Tail. 04

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I would love to see some Slam Dunk fans here:


Cool Wallpapers

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Rukawa / Senru Wallpapers


Art is from Prin's senru doujinshi Deep Purple.

There's three versions of the same thing.  They're mainly for my personal use but I figured I might as well share them in case someone was looking for something similar.  I'm not even going to PRETEND that they're any good.  They're amateurish and nasty.  But oh well.

~My Deviantart CLICK

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Hi all!

I'm selling 2 signed, original Slam Dunk doujin large-size posters [[ HERE ]] & [[ HERE ]]

These were purchased at a doujin event years ago & were personally signed by the artist ^o^ They should be very hard to come by now~  

i would love for them to go to a fan who could better appreciate these! ^_~